The "Asset Insight Index" ("AI2 Index") utilizes the Asset Grading System Standard - Click here to Purchase!

David Wyndham

Vice President / Co-Owner

"Asset Insight is a powerful tool to gain an in-depth understanding of why your aircraft is valued as it is. It can be used in financial risk management to decide when to replace an aircraft, or to derive lease and finance rates. The best part of Asset Insight is the team, industry leaders with a strong background in both aviation and finance."


Ken Dufour, ASA

President / CEO

"For the first time, everyone in the aviation industry has a standardized and objective method for evaluating and comparing aircraft based on their technical merit. The Asset Insight Index Analysis is a cost-efficient method of evaluating and comparing the current maintenance status of any aircraft. This revolutionary new approach will assist Appraisers in evaluating critical maintenance issues for our clients."


Keith M. Bransky, ASA


"I can visualize that, once your service gains traction, sellers and brokers will have their aircraft's "Asset Insight Index Scores" included in ads, spec sheets, JetNet, etc. Eventually buyers will demand it… in a sense like a ‘CarFax’ for aircraft. I think you might be on to something here!"


Louis Seno

Chairman Emeritus

"I am delighted to, at long last, see someone introduce into the industry an easy-to-understand, uniform methodology for determining an aircraft’s technical condition as it relates to the overall financial performance of the asset. I am confident the Asset Insight product will soon become the Industry standard. This product will be particularly useful to those of us in the hourly cost maintenance business, helping us quantify the value we associate with our programs."


Carl Janssens, ASA

Editor & Chief Appraiser

"Asset Insight is the perfect tool to evaluate value of maintenance as it relates to a specific set of conditions in the aircraft’s maintenance cycle. As the Aircraft Bluebook directs its Average Retail pricing to include fresh maintenance events, Asset Insight will further direct the user to determine the financial impact of an actual maintenance condition. A tool of this nature will assist appraisers in finalizing a value of an aircraft with a defined set of considerations for the aircraft’s real-time maintenance condition using the Asset Insight program."


John Spoor

President / CEO

"Finally, a cost effective, easy -to-understand, scientifically backed product that will bridge the gap between maintenance condition or technical condition and value. I see the Asset Insight product soon becoming an industry standard with respect to evaluating the overall technical condition of business classed aircraft. This product will undoubtedly assist us in discerning how much maintenance and or technical condition drives aircraft values. I can see a time when all of our clients insist on having this information as part of an aircraft valuation."


Brad Harris

Founder & CEO

"Dallas Jet International is precisely focused on providing tremendous value to our clients. As part of that value, Asset Insight provides a tool that adds credible, quantifiable valuation figures to an aircraft by evaluating its maintenance condition. An Asset Insight Index Analysis provides us with a completely objective aircraft Technical Condition Score, Financial Condition Score, and maintenance-related Financial Exposure Value. We incorporate and use this data in the evaluation of aircraft that we acquire or sell for our clients. Aircraft Brokers and Dealers have historically guessed at an aircraft’s maintenance condition and related value. Now, Asset Insight affords us the opportunity to use real numbers. We are pleased to team with Asset Insight, who we anticipate will continue to add tremendous value to our firm and our clients."

Manage your aircraft investment as a financial instrument

Optimize Your Asset's Financial Performance

"Asset Grading System Process"

A simple to understand, uniform methodology, an industry standard, for evaluating an aircraft’s technical condition in order to optimize the asset’s financial performance.

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Aircraft Graybook Asset Quality Evaluator

"Aircraft GraybookTM"

The Aircraft GraybookTM is a business aircraft "asset quality" evaluator that utilizes the Asset Grading System Process (Patent Pending) to derive the Baseline Asset Insight Index ("Baseline Index") for aircraft based on their date of manufacture and average annual utilization.

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"Covered Aircraft"

Asset Insight currently covers more than 100 Aircraft. Asset Insight provides a consistently up-to-date list of covered aircraft in addition to the maintenance information requested during the analysis process

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